Powering Purpose-Driven Business Best Fundraiser Ideas

All your nonprofit needs to do is set up a fundraising goal, tell your story (including photos or videos), and share it online. The online fundraising platform makes it easy to spread awareness and collect money. To this date, Gofundme has helped organizers raise over $5 billion. Individuals and organizations use Gofundme to help individuals and organizations raise money. Donorbox allows individuals and nonprofit organizations to set up an account and create fundraising campaigns to receive donations online.
While the present day is more evenly split between digital giving (online, email, text) and more traditional methods (direct mail, in-person), the trend lines are clear. As the digital-native generations—that’s Millennials and Gen Z—age and enter their prime giving years, having an online fundraising platform for your nonprofit is going to be a must. Our easy to implement donation forms are mobile ready and make it simple to set up regular and one-off payments.
RSVPify is pleased to offer a suite of tools that will ease your planning, reduce your stress, and maximize the donations for your organization. Here are four key features of RSVPify’s online fundraising platform that can make your next event a success. Peer to peer fundraising is a “multi-level” process when an organization encourages donors to create personal fundraising pages and raise money on its behalf. Best Fundraiser Ideas means that an individual can share their page with other people for donations.
People are already typing in their credit card number to make a purchase, so asking them to add on a dollar for a good cause isn’t asking for much. Recent statistics show that 69% of customers say yes when asked to donate at checkout, so it can really add up to a significant amount over time. Reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to “donate” their social media account to you for a day or even just a few hours.
As you develop your digital fundraising strategy, you’ll need to choose a few different types of online fundraising campaigns to fill your calendar. As mentioned, your digital fundraising campaigns should span multiple platforms to connect with a broader audience and reach different generations of donors. “Chuffed” is a crowdfunding platform built solely for nonprofits.
Today’s crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits encourage donors to leave comments on the campaign page and share the campaign with their networks on social media. To increase engagement, nonprofits can also post updates to the campaign page and email donors. For example, the Nature Conservancy offers both special occasion gifts and memorial gifts – each with their own donation page. Find out if the online fundraising platform lets you export donor information, or if it integrates directly with a best-of-breed donor management system.
Not only do supporters get to participate in a good cause, but they also get to make some new friends. Compile the dishes and good times into a mini cookbook to sell later. Yard-sale prices are already attractive, but you can up the ante by handing out raffle tickets for a special, high-value item. Above all, think about items that would excite your target audience. Throw in a bake sale (and a digital donation jar), and people won’t be able to stay away. You probably re-design your team merchandise every year, but after a few years, you might find it difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas.
Indiegogo is a robust crowdfunding platform that supports businesses, artists, and nonprofits. While at first glance it may sound similar to Kickstarter, it comes with its own set of easy-to-use tools and campaign options. Kickstarter campaigns are an all-or-nothing affair, which means you only get access to your funds (and pay Kickstarter’s platform fee) if you meet your initial fundraising goal. In exchange for hosting your Crowdfunding sites charge a platform fee (either as a monthly rate or a percentage of money raised), a transaction fee, a payment processing fee, or some combination.